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Co-Parenting Explained

The term co-parenting has two meanings, one is when a couple divorce and they then co-parent a child which is living separately but co-operating in the child’s upbringing. The other meaning is what My CoParenting is all about – you want to have a baby but perhaps you are single, or unable to conceive for some reason whether it be because you are gay or infertile there are a plethora of reasons why a person could look to an alternative way of having a child.

One of the ways is to co-parent, two suitable parties whether single or in a couple or both or neither find each other and decide to have a baby, this can be done the natural way using natural insemination, artificial insemination or through IVF and medical science.

The Co-Parents want the same thing and can offer each other a solution and a chance to bring up and share in the conception of having a child together.

Co-Parenting Examples

Co-Parenting is not just for gay couples, it is for every kind of person; every gender, every sexuality, co-parenting is for couples who can’t conceive, lesbians, gay men, transsexuals, intersex, queer, the whole LGBTQI community and people who are single that want to have children.

A gay man or gay couple could have a child with a lesbian couple or a single lesbian and or her partner and a heterosexual couple who cannot conceive could have a child with a gay couple or gay single. There are many different ways to co-parent here are just a few:

A gay man and a lesbian woman
A gay couple and a single lesbian
A gay man and a lesbian couple
A transsexual person and a lesbian couple
A heterosexual couple and a single lesbian
A Lesbian couple and a heterosexual single man
A Queer Woman and a Heterosexual Couple

The Co-Parent list goes on!

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual Co-Parenting

Co-Parenting for the LGBT Community is a way for gay, lesbian or straight people who can’t conceive to have a child without using an anonymous sperm donor so the child can grow up knowing both it’s biological parents. Lots of people have done this through the ages with friends etc. In fact if you think of how humans were and have been in tribes and older cultures in western society we used to bring up children and families were larger, part of a village and large network where a child would be brought up by not just it’s parents, but the whole community, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends

Types of Co-Parenting

Single men, women and all genders and sexualities co-parent

Alternative to using a Sperm Donor

Co-Parenting is a great alternative to using a sperm donor to have a baby

The Easy Way to Become a Co-Parent

My CoParenting is a completely free matching social network to allow you to become a wonderful co-parent today!

Join Us for Free and Find a Co-Parent Near You

My CoParenting Will Find Your Co-Parent Match

My CoParenting is a free match site to connect people who would like to be co-parents and create a family together in an alternative way. So if you would like to be a co-parent My CoParenting can make this dream come true please create an account and start your journey today.

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