10 Steps When Looking for a Co-Parent


So you think you’ve found the perfect co-parent? You’re excited and curious but before you let your excitement run away with you remember My CoParenting’s 10 Step Checklist!

1. Relationship

friends-fighting-coparentingWhat is their relationship to you? Having a child with the right person, friend or family member can be great or in some cases cause fights. Sometimes you can be too close to someone if you don’t have emotional barriers in place.

2. Personality

This is probably the most important factor of all – do you have similar political and world views? Bringing up a child together is about teaching a child certain values and child rearing methods can vary hugely even between close friends.

3. Location, Location, Location

You may meet what seems like the perfect co-parent, but oh, wait, they live in Glasgow and you live in London. Do you own a car? Or can you afford to travel that distance regularly by public transport? Would work hours make this possible? All these factors need to be thought about in choosing your co-parent.

4. Investigate

Research your co-parent online before you meet, Google can show past arrests and check the child protection register.

5. Meet The Family

One of the best ways to find out how compatible you are with your co-parent is to meet their family and friends in a relaxed setting.

6. Living Arrangements


Will your child live in one home and then have weekend visits with the other co-parent? Or will you live with your co-parent for the first few years? Will you split it 50/50? A lot to think about and discuss!

7. Play it Safe

You and your co-parent need to get medical checks including sexual health and research your family medical background – discuss with your doctor.

8. Cultural Integrations

Health and Beauty, Religion – if your co-parent is a different race / background to you or that you are used to you need to learn their cultural heritage.

9. Financial responsibility

Having a child is a financial responsibility for over 18 years. One good idea is to draw up a legal contract, either joint or by majority to say who is financially responsible for your child.

10. Getting Pregnant

coparents-getting-pregnant-artificial-inseminationThere are many ways in which to get pregnant you need to discuss and decide which is best for you and your co-parent, artificial insemination using kits or natural insemination or IVF.

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