We Are Family – Why Co-Parent?

The brilliant We Are Family Magazine describe how and why you can co-parent. We Are Family is a magazine for gay, lesbian, trans, bisexual and queer families with topics on co-parents, surrogacy, sperm donors, co-parenting law and much more.

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“Many lesbians and gay men are attracted to the idea of co-parenting where, for example, a gay couple has a child with a single lesbian and they share the parenting between them.  There are several benefits to this arrangement. Aside from solving the problem of the missing sperm or eggs/uterus, the children can enjoy the experience of having both fathers and mothers in their lives.” by We Are Family Magazine

They go on to explain other benefits for example there is more support in sharing child care, you also share responsibility which can take the strain off raising a child. So the people in the co-parents relationship get more time for rest and relaxation when the child is with the other co-parent. The child(ren) will have the added bonus of having 2 or 4 loving parents and extended family and support that entails with them. Including love, emotional support, financial support and time and energy that one person can sometimes struggle to forfill.

Co-parenting is a fantastic way to have a family.

We Are Family Magazine in their extensive 3 part article go on to explain some of the ways in which is best to decide who you would like to co-parent with.

To read more from their great article go here >>

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