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My CoParenting is the only totally free social network of its kind aimed at LGBTQ and all people who would like to start a family but cannot do in the conventional sense. It is a networking site for potential co-parents to connect and find their perfect match to have children together and bring joy into their lives and the world.

An alternative to having an anonymous donor by law where the child can grow up knowing its father and visa versa for surrogacy. Friends, couples, gay, straight and gender fluid families who are lucky enough to share the love of having children together have been raising children this way throughout history – this online network gives more people the chance to find suitable partners to have a family no matter what their sexuality, gender or situation.

My is 100% free and will always stay that way to message, interact, chat and connect to all members – I really hope people will enjoy my site and find their loving new family!

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I live in Liverpool with my three legged, one eyed, tailless cat and dog called Billie oh and also a human and partner Sue Lucy we are a fairly liberal and artsy lesbian couple. I am also the creator of this website.

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