A Woman’s Fertility Experience

pregnant stomach

A woman wrote a brilliant article about her experience with fertility treatments. It is entitled: Mind Your Own Womb We’re Trying To Conceive

pregnant stomach

It starts “My current boyfriend and I actually started off as friends before we started dating. We had been friends for a while and all of a sudden after we attended a family cookout together, he decided he wanted to be more than friends and the rest is history.” Source

She goes on to explain, her and her partner always wanted to have children and talked about starting a family almost as soon as they met. It was strange because although the couple could not conceive, all the blood tests came back clear and by all accounts the doctor said there was nothing wrong with her fertility. The problem was to get any further intensive treatment was very expensive but they were hindered by not being able to afford it.

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Source: http://tracthertrailher.com/mind-your-own-womb-were-trying-to-conceive/

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