What actually is a CoParent?

Confused? Let me Explain What a CoParent Actually Is… 🙂

There are two meanings, a coparent can mean when two parents divorce or split up and then co-parent a child (look after a child living separately). Or it means when one party would like a child but is unable to conceive one in the conventional sense joins another party who want the same thing and can offer each other a solution and a chance to bring up and share in the conception of having a child together.

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So for example a gay man or gay couple could have child with a lesbian and or her partner and a heterosexual couple who cannot conceive could have a child with a gay couple or gay single. The different ways it’s possible to co-parent list goes on!

It is a way for gay, lesbian or straight people who can’t conceive to have a child without using an anonymous sperm donor so the child can grow up knowing both it’s biological parents. Lots of people have done this through the ages with friends etc. In fact if you think of how humans were and have been in tribes and older cultures in western society we used to bring up children and families were larger, part of a village and large network where a child would be brought up by not just it’s parents, but the whole community, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends etc etc

If you have any more questions regarding what a coparent is feel free to contact me any time!


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